Was really Super Good.  Okay, I can't be the first person that typed that out.

(Warning: A review from an analytical standpoint with a few spoilers.)

Anyway, I saw this movie at least a week ago- maybe two.  And, there were some funny laugh out loud moments, and it starts out as the typical teenaged guys trying to get laid before their senior is over, but first let me say that I was totally thrown that these guys were seniors in high school.  This is probably due to the fact that they *looked* like they were actually eighteen or so (and I'm sure the Evan character really is), and I've been so jaded to those in their mid to late twenties playing teens.  Those guys, as I watched them, I kept thinking "shouldn't they be playing eighth or ninth graders?"

Anyway, like I said, this film was posed under the guys of being another teen flick, but in reality, ran a lot deeper...The "teen film" genre was just the shallow end of the deep pool that is "Super Bad."

I haven't read or seen any real commentaries on this film, because I didn't want it to taint this review.  But I have this to say-

"Super Bad" was not a "bromance," which is what I did see on the cover of the Red Eye.  For those of you not in the know, a bromance or bromantic couple is two hetero guys who are BFFs, and the fact that they care for one another is overt.  A good example would be Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's characters in "Wedding Crashers," or Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the "Rush Hour" series (though they clearly didn't start out that way).  But in this film, well, it was just a plain romantic comedy.

The two main characters, Seth and Evan, clearly have a love for one another that surpasses the love of two best friends- even if they are male.  There are multiple indicators throughout such as the following: The fact that Seth had a penchant for drawing penises- different shapes and sizes, etc., that Seth feels that a vagina by itself is boring- he needs to see one with the insertion of a penis.  Methinks he just wants to see the penis, and not feel too gay about it.  In fact, this little comment alone makes me think he may be the only heterosexual man to not enjoy lesbian porn... The jealously and resentment that Seth feels when he learns that Evan and Foggel (the third wheel of this relationship/friendship) will be rooming together in college, and the fact that Evan tried to keep it a secret from Seth, knowing that it was in fact some sort of betrayal, and wishing to spare his feelings.

The drunken night they spend at Evan's place after the party.  There's a brief fade out, after drunken "I love yous" given by the two, and then it's morning.  Seth looks anxious, quickly wanting to leave, which is odd considering the entire film, it is his agenda to stick by Evan, and keep them together.  Particuarly so since Evan will be go awaying to a different college.  Evan then looks at him like the wounded girl when the guy abandons the bed the next morning, or in "the harsh light of day," and Seth laughs it off. Then he proceeds to tell Evan that his mom has "great tits," as if to stave off the awkwardness.  In my opinion, it just made it all the more awkward, and made it seem that in that moment, Seth had to prove his straightness.

Then, in the ending, the sad, lost lovers look they give each other as they separate at the mall with two girls of "interest," and then the film is over, with its montage of drawn penises.

This film was clearly a gay romantic comedy, in which the guy did not get the guy (like "My Best Friend's Wedding," but only gay), but the girl that he only thought he wanted (for both Seth and Evan).  I admired the film and its gumption and courage, though I almost felt a bit disappointment...but then I realized, that the writers and the director supplied for us all that we needed to see the film for what it really is, and that it's not their fault that most people are not too quick on the uptake, and the films meaning went over most peoples heads.  This movie had foreshadowing, metaphor, and a ton of unspoken language that would surpass the casual obsever's eyes. 

For these reasons, I give this film three stars and two thumbs up. 

Seth and Evan join Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara as well as Spike and Angel in the unofficial gay couples in tv and cinema.  There are many others...But one must really look in order to see it.



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