I haven't posted in ages, but I had to post this somewhere.  I received this letter the other day from my official website, and I think I figured out who he is...but that's neither here nor there--I just wanted to share what he wrote to me.  While I hate the fact that if this is from who I think it's from (and he's married), I still appreciate how awesome it was of him to write this.  So...

Comments: I want to first offer this disclaimer: when a man randomly compliments a woman, it is often looked through the prism of "This guy wants play / a date / financial support / security... etc." and while unfortunate, I don't necessarily think that is the wrong way to think. I have a little sister that has dated her own fair share of scumbags.

Another complication of complimenting a woman, especially on her looks, is the danger of making it seem like that is the only value that matters, or that it somehow supersedes or detracts from their other talents. While definitely tricky, I would argue, especially in your case, that your own opinion of your intellect and skills is a better match for the product of said gifts. I think it's fitting that you want to make a living out of your writing because you're clever and outspoken. When you say "I'm a fucking great writer" I know you know it, other people know it (I do) and you earned it. I don't consider that cocky in the slightest, because writing ain't fucking easy.

I think you're good looking and remarkably so. Gorgeous is probably a better word, "hot" applies but I don't want to cheapen my appreciation of your physicality by using Spring Break / High School terminology. You're tall and statuesque. You have an infectious smile, rich skin, and an eclectic and fitting style. To dumb it down, you have a sweet face and rocking body that matches your wit.

I've read your blog, I'm your friend on Facebook, and while I know that being single, even perpetually so can be heartbreaking and lonely, I don't think that in any way should be a referendum on everything you have to offer. I don't think you should settle for anything that isn't exactly what you deserve. And while I am not one to knock someone for constant improvement, when you muse about losing weight or not being attached, I hope you temper that with appreciation for the arsenal of wonderful things you would bring to the table in a relationship.

If I leave you with anything, it's that this isn't a pitch or an advertisement for myself. I haven't seen you since you were last in LA, and don't foresee our paths crossing again any time soon. Trust me, I have enough of my own obligations and entanglements and am not trying to start anything.
I just thought you should know.

Subject: You\'re Awesome


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